Thursdays at 8 pm in Jefferson Hall

Join us for engaging literary presentations, riveting debates, and hearty laughs

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Classic Persian poetry and heartfelt original lits find themselves side by side at our meetings

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Contentious resolutions can lead to fiery floor speeches from both regular and provisional members

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Social Events

Lunch between classes, book club at the end of the week, and a thousand other ways we come together

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Founded in 1831

The Washington Society was formed in Pavilion VII, now the Colonnade Club, in 1831 and re-founded in 1979. Our tradition is the continual exercise and development of effective speech.

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The 1860 Preamble of our Constitution

Oratory has, in every age, exerted an influence on the political, social, and moral conditions of Nations. As governments have changed from despotic to republican, and as man has advanced in culture and civilization, this influence has become more important, until, in our age and country, its sway is almost omnipotent. Sensible, then, of the power which oratory possesses for good or evil, we have formed this association for the purpose of improving in this art, and we have called it the Washington Society, that its name, recalling the deeds of the “Illustrious Father of American Liberty,” may animate us with the desire of using the power here attained, for the good of our country, and the weal of our countrymen.

As we are thus associated in the pursuit of a common, noble object, it is our desire to also be closely united by the strong and lasting ties of friendship, and thus prove ourselves worthy of the noble sentiment our badges bear:

“Quam Fluctus Diversi, Quam Mare Conjuncti”

Though the waves are many, the sea is one.

We would be honored if you joined us, either at one of our meetings or as a member of our society.