QFDQMC, y’all.

My name is Greg Tilton and I am a CLAS 2012 alum. I was sarge in the Spring of 2012 after joining with my younger brother, Scott Tilton, in the Fall of 2011. He went on to be far more helpful than I ever was and contributed far more to the Wash, but we both had a blast and loved our time with with y’all. Out of curiosity, has there been another “Ship Show?”

Dana was kind enough to give me an opportunity for a short blog post, mainly so I can highlight a new project I recently co-produced in New Orleans that I think some of you may find interesting. It’s a podcast called We’ll be Right Back: The Future of Hospitality. Every episode we discuss how businesses and individuals are adapting in the wake of Covid-19. We discuss strategies, policies, and share resources that many will find useful during this time, such as grants and loan opportunities, or even simply where to find food banks. Given New Orleans’ particularly large service and hospitality industry, we felt these discussions would be beneficial not only to our local industry, but to other cities’ as well.

Thanks for checking this out. I hope you are all doing well and are being safe. And thank you again for letting me shamelessly promote myself! You can find the show on basically every platform, or follow the link above with all of them neatly laid out for you.




Check out Greg’s podcast here! https://rightbacknola.libsyn.com/