Hello society! 

I hope you’re having a great week so far! I have two exams this week so if you see my crying in New Cabell, please just keep walking. (:
We will be having a 7 pm humorous debate this week on:
Resolved: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 
Government- Sara Khan, Pragun Ananda, and Vijjulu Indupuru
Opposition- Kalie Ward, Camillia Nguyen, and Bennett Ross
Please come out and support our provies!
This week we will be starting our regular meeting at 8 pm sharp. 
The Harrison Debate will be our first order of business, so be there on time to support our debaters! We will be debating:
Resolved: Time heals everything. 
Government- Vilas Annavarapu, Andy Chambers, and Kristen Barett
Opposition- Ben Gustafson, Rachael Hazlett, and Eric Zhang
After the debate, we will take a short break while the judges deliberate, and then a slightly longer break while we wait for the Jeff to leave.
When we reconvene, we will hear minutes from our secretary, Eric Zhang.
Yadda, yadda, announcements.
We will then move into Ethics nominations! Make sure to send your nominations to Raven. You will also be able to nominate from the floor.
After this, we will take a short break while we count the votes and announce our debaters.
Then, some great literary presentations:
Udy Kumra
Guy Pastrana
Mohneet Kaur
Amy Lim
Ella Liu
Abby Napoli
I look forward to seeing you all on Thursday!
Veece Pressedent