Joining  the Wash is simple, fun, and rewarding

1. Attend Our Meetings

2. Present and Debate

3. Pay Dues


‘Provisional Members’ (people joining the Washington Society) must attend at least one half of all meetings in a given semester in order to join. Attendance is taken by the Secretary at the beginning of meetings as well as after a brief recess between lits and our debate of the evening.

Meetings begin at eight pm every Thursday during the Fall and Spring semesters, and they continue anywhere from ten pm to midnight. They are the most important events that the Washington Society runs, and membership in the society revolves around participating in meetings.

Meetings are where you get to meet other smart, curious, and highly engaged students and listen to them present and debate. The more you attend and the more you actively participate, the more rewarding Washington Society membership will be for you.


Provisional Members must present both a piece of literature and participate in a debate at one of our meetings. Presentations typically range from five to twenty minutes, and debates involve between five to twelve minutes of speaking as well as upwards of half an hour of attentive listening and thinking.

Preparation is key to getting the most out of presentations. Sharing your thoughts and sharing works of literature that move you are important, but the act of thinking deeply and strategically about a topic or improving your oratorical skills while better connecting with a given piece are essential.

Preparing as much as you can doesn’t only help you, but by participating in meetings and working to consistently raise the bar, you help others get more out of meetings. In return, they help you get more out of meetings when they raise the bar.


Dues are not required to attend Washington Society meetings, but they are required to be inducted as a member and to attend all of our events. We have both early bird and late dues; exact amounts will vary. Generally, dues will be around $50 per semester. Contact the Treasurer for more information.