Presenting and Listening to Literature

Literary Presentations

Literary presentations serve as an amazing opportunity to contribute to the Society’s meetings. This is a chance to be creative and share your interests, talents, and ideas with the Wash community. One literary presentation is required to become a member of our society, but regular members are encouraged to present as often as they would like. Some members regularly present several times in each semester.

Literary presentations can and have included:

  • Original Work
  • Poetry, both in English and in other languages including Spanish, Portuguese, Latin, Greek, and Persian
  • Musical presentations
  • Academic papers
  • Skits
  • ‘Interactive’ literary presentations


Literary workshops are held each week at a time set by the Vice President to help anyone who is presenting practice and receive constructive feedback. Sometimes, members who are less familiar with literature or who are overwhelmed by how many different pieces they like will receive guidance in choosing a piece.

Floor Lits

In addition to regularly scheduled literary presentations, members can opt to spontaneously present by petitioning the chair at the end of each meeting. These ‘floor lits’ can be pieces read in reaction to other presentations, or they can be independently chosen in the same way that regular literary presentations are.