Foodie Friday #3: French Toast

Recipe submission by JanLou Lawson 


Dish: Southern French Toast

French toast is a Southern staple. It consists of sliced bread soaked in eggs and milk which are then fried. Sweet versions of the dish are topped with sugar and cinnamon, whereas savory versions are topped with salt and pepper and served with a side sauce. 

Fun fact: The earliest known reference to French toast was in a collection of Latin recipes dating back to the 5th century.





1 egg

1/4 cup of milk

1 tbsp sugar

4 slices of bread

(optional: 1 tbsp cinnamon, 1/4 tsp ground nutmeg, and a dash of imitation vanilla if we’re getting fancy.)



  1. Mix all ingredients together, dip both sides of bread into batter and make sure they’re coated evenly on all sides
  2. Cook on medium stovetop heat until browned to perfection
  3. Optionally, top with sugar and cinnamon, or maybe maple syrup


JanLou’s Personal Note:

French toast is an amazing way to make normal toast just a little bit sweeter!! And a whole lot more filling! It’s also a great way to whip together that perfect meal to start the day off right. Taking that first bite will make you feel a hundred times better about eating your feelings, trust me… ’cause I know I sure do! 🙂