Current Officers

An up-to-date list of officers will be maintained here.

Updated Spring 2018

Elected Officers

President Sgt. Austin Root

Vice President Mr. Ian Smith

Secretary Mr. Jesse Ginn

Treasurer Mr. Mikaal Ahmad

Reporter Ms. Kate Shaffer

Sergeant-at-Arms Mr. Sam Lesemann

Appointed Officers  

Alumni Chair Mr. Josh Danoff
Athletics Chair Mr. Ben Gustafson
Banquet Chair Ms. Sasha Hoyt
Book Club Chair Mr. Reese Fulgenzi
Lead Historian Mr. Maxwell Rowshandel
History Committee Mr. John Grencer, Mr. John Connor, and Mr. Matthew Keitelman
Parliamentarian Mr. Thomas Conger III
Provisional Membership Chairs Ms. Erin Plant, Ms. Caitlin McNamara, and Ms. Sasha Hoyt
Scholarship Chair Ms. Maria Chavez
Social Chairs Mr. Matthew Keitelman, Mr. Joe French
Special Projects Chair Mr. Reese Fulgenzi
Special Debates Chair Mr. Thomas Conger III
Webmaster Generalissimo Jackson Collins

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