Current Officers

An up-to-date list of officers will be maintained here.

Updated Spring 2019

Elected Officers

President Ms. Raven Earnest

Vice President Ms. Paige DiPirro

Secretary Mr. Eric Zhang

Treasurer Mr. Alex Sanchez

Reporter Mr. Udy Kumra

Sergeant-at-Arms Ms. Cori Doyle

Appointed Officers  

Alumni Chair Mr. Kiwi Kiwinda
Athletics Chair Mr. Brendan Angelotti
Banquet Chair Mr. Thomas Eli Conger III
Book Club Chairs Ms. Ellie Brasacchio, Mr. TJ Joyce
Diversity Chair TBA
Lead Historian Ms. Ruth Alber
History Committee Mr. Wooju Lee, Mr. Kevin Mullis
Merchandise Chair Mr. Paul Plaia
Parliamentarian Mr. Thomas Driscoll
Provisional Membership Chairs Ms. Ayesha Gill, Ms. Rachael Hazlett, Mr. Gavin Scott
Scholarship Chair Ms. Raven Earnest
Social Chairs Mr. Jelonta Mulazzi, Ms. Veri Silva
Speaker Series Chair Ms. Saranya Kasinathuni
Special Debates Chair Ms. Eleni Fafoutis
Special Projects and Outreach Chair Ms. Crystal Taylor

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